Feather Tip Brushes


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Exclusively designed for Car Gods, our ultra-soft feather tip brushes are the essential addition to your Car Gods collection. Perfectly crafted to eradicate any risk of scratching around the delicate areas of your vehicle, both inside and out. The incredibly soft bristles are ideal for dusting and are suitable for use on all surfaces without scratching. The feathertip brush set includes a smaller brush and a larger brush and comes in a bespoke sealable bag that can be hung up via its zip for storage. The ergonomic handles of the brushes allows you to reach areas that are difficult to dust and clean, such as air vents, emblems and displays.

Small Brush:

Overall Length: 160mm
Handle Length: 115mm
Bristle Length: 45mm
Bristle Diameter: 40mm

Large Brush:

Overall Length: 240mm
Handle Length: 190mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Bristle Diameter: 50mm

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