Performance, Modifications
& Conversions

Full Vehicle Modification Capabilities

At MAD Automotives we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle modification services, designed to transform both the look and feel of your car, truck, or van. Elevate your vehicles performance with our bespoke upgrade packages. Whether you seek a subtle boost or a heart-pounding transformation, we tailor solutions to your specific needs. Our expertise spans from ECU remapping to custom exhaust fabrication, unlocking hidden potential and delivering exhilarating power gains.

Or transform your vehicle’s aesthetics with our stunning visual modifications. From aerodynamic upgrades to eye-catching bodywork customisations, we help you create a unique masterpiece that turns heads wherever you go. We utilise only the highest quality materials, including genuine lightweight carbon fibre parts from reputable manufacturers for both performance and visual impact.

If it more of an OEM conversion you are looking for, we have carried out a range of OEM spec conversion projects, combining a range of OEM parts, and even some aftermarket parts for a more OEM+ look. See our completed projects for vehicle conversion kits we’ve done, you’ll find Range Rover SVRs, Mercedes AMGs, Alpina BMWs right the way up to Lamborghinis. We possess the skill and experience to handle even the most complex projects.


Don’t settle for ordinary. Visit MAD Automotives today and unleash your dream machine. Our team of passionate experts will guide you through every step, ensuring your modified vehicle exceeds your expectations in every way.

ECU & Engine Software

When we remap an ECU, we read the original/standard file from the ECU that contains the “maps” that run the engine, this is then taken by one of our experts in the file team where they modify a variety of operating parameter within the map such as Ignition timing, fuel pressure, torque settings, boost pressure amongst many others in order to unleash this lost power and in a lot of cases a leap in fuel economy as well.

Tuning Packages

Looking for a custom tuning solution for your vehicle? We can offer completely bespoke hardware upgrades with custom tuning carried out in-house. Exhaust systems, intakes, performance air filter upgrades, big brake upgrades…. Alternatively if you have a vehicle and a desired pre-built hardware package we are more than happy to install and tune for your supplied hardware.

visual Modifications

Bodykits, wheels and tyres, wheel refurbishment including Diamond cut wheels, interior re trim, carbon fibre repairs or moulds made for specific parts and high quality PPF.


MAD Automotives most popular vehicle conversion to date is the MAD EDITION Ford Ranger wildtrak, so popular we try to always keep a fully modified vehicle in stock at all times.We can also build your Ranger to spec with the MAD touch whilst also make it completely bespoke to your taste, have a look at our stock today or get in touch to find out more 

OTHER Full vehicle conversions

Sourcing the latest parts available for your current car, 4X4 or pick up. We carry out all paintwork and installation of upgraded compenents including wheels and tyres. Whether it’s OEM or aftermarket kits we can advise the best route to take for your vehicle conversion.If you want to purchase the kit or wheels and have us complete the job – that is fine with us.Please see our vehicle stock for vehicles that have undergone our in-house conversions and are available for sale like our Range Rover Full SVR Conversion.