Paint Protection Film


What Is PPF?

Car paint protection film provides a nearly invisible shield that safeguards your car’s painted surfaces. It can be strategically applied to vulnerable areas like the bonnet, side mirrors, front wings, rear bumper, and wing mirrors, or alternatively cover the entire vehicle. Paint protection films possess self-healing properties, which prove invaluable in situations where your car encounters high-speed impacts from small stones or road debris. Upon damage absorption, exposure to warmth, such as sunlight or a hair dryer, prompts the protective film to seamlessly self-heal, restoring its optically clear and smooth finish.

Paint Protection Film is designed not to impact on the visual appearance of your paint work. You can also wax it or add additional paint protection products on top. Without the installation of paint protection film, your vehicle remains vulnerable to various forms of damage including stone chips, stains, external contaminants, as well as swirls and scratches, all of which can detract from its appearance.

MAD Automotive can offer paint protection film installation services to help retain your cars resale value by protecting it against the day to day wear & tear it may be subjected to. Using market leading XPEL paint protection film we form an invisible layer of armour over your cars original paint finish, providing full protection of the covered panels and with none of the peeling, cracking or discolouring.

How much Paint Protection Film COst?

The price of car paint protection film installation may change based on various factors, including the vehicle’s size and design, the selected type of film, and the intricacy of the installation process. Generally, professionally installed paint protection film can begin at a few hundred pounds, for coverage of smaller areas of a vehicle.

For an accurate quote tailored to your individual requirements, preferences and your vehicle specifically we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

Front Bumper Protection

From £600 + VAT

Same Day Process

Full Front Protection

From £1,800 + VAT

2 Day Process

Full Vehicle Protection

From £3,200 + VAT

3-5 Day Process

The Benefits Of PPF

The main goal of paint protection film, is as the name suggests, to protect your vehicles paintwork. This helps avoid causing damage that requires most extensive repairs to your vehicles finish such as panel resprays and stone chip repairs. Not only does this save you money paying for those repairs, it also means the vehicle retains it’s factory paint finish in immaculate condition. This also leads to maintaining a higher resale value, particularly in cases where your vehicle might be a non standard colour or special paint finish. 


Seamlessly blends with your vehicles finish providing an invisible shield.


Self-heals light scratches & swirl marks with light heat application.

Stain Resistant

Our Paint Protection film will repel specs & spots from contaminants.

10 Year Warranty

All PPF Installations come with a 10 year warranty on your film

Vinyl & PPF Installation

Watch a quick run through of the installation process on one of own stock cars, a Ferrari GTC. This vehicle had a full wrap in satin gunmetal grey, along with PPF applied to the carbon fibre parts and impact zones. The installation process for paint protection film is very similar to a vinyl wrap.