Car Storage

Secure car storage in Weston-Super-mare

MAD Automotives offers secure car storage in Weston Super Mare, featuring bespoke car storage services complemented by transport and collection options, and maintenance services.

Our vehicle storage solutions at MAD Automotives offer enhanced security, customisable plans, and expert maintenance services to ensure your vehicle’s safety and health are well looked after. 

How we care for cars stored with us

At our car storage facility, we focus on maintaining the highest level of care for your vehicle to keep it in pristine condition during its stay. We want you to pickup your car in the same condition you left it with us, or even better in some cases!

  • Well-secured location
  • Immaculately maintained environment
  • Round-the-clock surveillance with CCTV
  • Frequent checks on your vehicle
  • In-depth expertise in handling luxury vehicles
  • Customisable solutions designed for your specific needs
  • Flexible management options for your vehicle, as per your requirements
  • Availability of pickup and delivery service for your vehicle.


Car Storage pricing is available on request 


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