Correction & Enhancement Detailing Services

We are specialists in car detailing based in weston-super-mare

Whether your car or truck is daily driven and you are just wanting to keep your paintwork in optimum condition to protect against harsh weather and road conditions, or a cherished classic or supercar, let the MAD Automotives valeting and detailing experts take care of your vehicle.

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Detailing services

car detailing services

How good is your cars paintwork?

Detailing at MAD always starts with a thorough and in depth inspection of your vehicles exterior to establish what will be required. Poor cleaning habits can leave your paintwork with heavy swirl marks and light scratches which can normally be seen in direct sunlight, this is very common and is one of the biggest improvements we can make to your paintwork with a correction detail.

We can also look at other defects such as faded or hazy looking paint, and varying surface appearances often caused by panels being painted separately.

New Car Preparation Detailing

Unfortunately, new cars aren’t always delivered with the care they deserve. Maltreatment from delivery services or careless dealers can leave you a vehicle in sub optimal condition. We can help return your vehicle to the condition it should have been delivered in, as well as providing it with protection to give it the best chance of maintaining that like new finish!

car detailing preparation
car detailing cleaning

Enhancement Detail

Careless or rushed cleaning of your vehicle can impact your paints surface and appearance, only getting worse over time. We can carry out full detailing services for your paintwork or PPF protected vehicle from scratch and swirl removal to applying the latest Nano or Graphine coatings. Your cherished vehicle is in safe hands with our team.

Ceramic Coating

A finish with ceramic coating as a final layer of protection for your paintwork, offering additional long term protection with the layer of ceramic coating often being harder that the original paintwork on your vehicle.

Nano/Ceramic coating offers longer term protection than wax, forming a strong chemically bonded film on top of your cars paintwork. Not only does this provide an excellent gloss finish to your paint it also is a physical barrier against future cleaning or potential paint damage.

car detailing ceramic coating

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost?

Our Detailing Package Prices

Stage 1

£ 200
  • Ultimate Valet (Full Valet package + Engine clean)
  • Refined machine polishing to all paint surfaces removing as many minor swirls as possible

Stage 2

£ 250
  • Ultimate Valet (Full Valet package + Engine clean)
  • Single stage of cutting compound removing as many scratches and swirls as possible Paintwork refined and polished

Stage 3

£ 450
  • Ultimate Valet + Full stage 2
  • G techniq Ceramic coating paint protection or Gtechniq halo for wrapped vehicles which will protect your paintwork for up to 5 years

*Prices vary based on size and condition of the vehicle

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Here are some frequently asked question we get about Detailing Services, if you have any further questions about detailing, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

What is detailing?

Detailing can often be confused with a valet or normal car cleaning, however detailing requires another level (or two) of attention beyond valeting to really bring your paintwork and interior to a stunning finish often better than you will find in a showroom.

The primary stage of detailing paintwork requires machine polishing to remove any invisible deposits on the paint and also to take off a microscopic layer of paint to correct any swirl marks and light scratches in the paint.

Once we have a perfect surface finish we need to protect this new finish from the elements to make it long lasting. This can be done with either a high quality wax or ceramic coating application.

If you want to know anymore about the fundamentals of detailing one the experts team at MAD Automotives would be more than happy to speak to you about it, please contact us

How long does it take to detail a vehicle?

This depends on a number of factors, including the size of the vehicle, the current health of the paintwork and the desired finish, it can take a couple of hours up to a number of days.

If you want a time and cost estimate for detailing your vehicle we encourage you to come along to our showroom for a drink and chat so we can see your vehicle. Start by giving us a call to arrange a free consultation

How long will a detail last?

This is another hard question to answer, it could be 6 months to 3+ years before your vehicle will need another enhancement detail. The amount the vehicle is driven and exposed to the elements plays a big part in this, also the finish used to protect your paintwork, we often recommend ceramic coating as this offers the longest lasting protection, or alternatively a paint protection film

The best advise we can give to prolong the stunning finish of your newly detailed car or truck is to wash your vehicle taking care not to damage the paints finish, this is why we offer a maintenance wash service designed specifically for previously detailed vehicle to give the longest lasting finish. Find out more about maintenance washing.

Does detailing affect vehicle warranties?

No it does not. Detailing doesn't change any of your cars parts or the colour of the vehicle. So your manufacturer or aftermarket warranty will not be affected.

All it does is add value and protection for your vehicle.

valeting/Detailing for Businesses

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