Paint Protection Film & Wrapping


Paint Protection Film (often reffered to as PPF) if the leading solution for STONE CHIP and PAINT PROTECTION on your vehicle.

MAD Automotive can offer paint protection film installation services to help retain your cars resale value by protecting it against the day to day wear & tear it may be subjected to. Using market leading XPEL paint protection film we form an invisible layer of armour over your cars original paint finish, providing full protection of the covered panels and with none of the peeling, cracking or discolouring.

PPF is a visually clear, urethane vinyl, computer cut from precision templates designed for your vehicle and then professionally applied to painted surfaces depending on your requirements bumpers only, bonnet, wheel arches, door edges, door handles or whole vehicle are common application areas.

Paint Protection Film is designed not to impact on the visual beauty of your paint work. You can also wax it or add additional paint protection products on top.

Vinyl Wrapping

Wrapping your car in a coloured Vinyl, is a popular option for those who want to customise the look of their vehicle without a permanent change like a respray. Car wraps can be removed at any time without any major damage to your car’s original paintwork.

They can be easily replaced by the new wraps and they are less expensive in comparison to full respray. A high-quality and professionally applied vinyl wrap will actually protect the paintwork of your vehicle from chips and scratches,  extending the life of your car’s original paintwork.

Ferrari Lusso Wrapped In Satin Black

Watch our partners at Shades Wraps at work on our Ferrari Lusso.

Previous Projects

Mercedes GLC (AMG Conversion & Vinyl Wrap)

A Mercedes GLC we converted using original AMG parts, finished with a full vehicle wrap in camo green.

Mercedes G Wagon (Full Vehicle Wrap)

We tranformed this G Wagon for Chloe Ferry (Geordie Shore) with a matt grey wrap

Lamborghini Aventador (Full Matte Vehicle Wrap)

Full Body PPF Protection