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Our valeting package is perfect for any vehicle wether it’s had a previous detail or you are just looking for that extra attention to detail your normal car wash can’t provide.

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Valeting services

Looking for a no compromises valet? Look no further!

So you are looking for the best complete valet for your vehicle, do you appreciate when someone really puts their full attention to make every inch of your vehicle spotless? A full vehicle valet at MAD is what you need. Providing a thorough clean for your paintwork and interior, it’s so much more than your usual hand car wash service!

Our Methods


We use a pre wash snow foam soak to loosen the dirt on the paints surface, followed by washing carried out using multiple buckets with grit-guard, used to ensure no grit contaminates the solution and prevents swirl marks.


We use lambs wool and sheep skin wash mitts for their softness which also helps to prevent scratching your paintwork. Iron + Tar is removed using our unique solution. 


Wheels and Calipers are carefully cleaned using safe chemicals and brushes to ensure all contaminants are removed. We use our own range of high quality and safe cleaning products. Ensuring no damage to wheels and no previously applied paint protection is removed.


Drying is done using microfibre towels and compressed air to ensure as much water as possible is removed. Door shuts, wheel arches and glass is also cleaned.


G Techniq liquid crystal spray is applied to the whole car for a layer of protection, we can alternatively apply a layer of high quality wax instead for a higher level of protection.


The full interior is vacuumed, hand cleaned using our range of cleaning products followed by dressing leather and plastic surfaces.

Valet Clean or Normal Car Wash?

If you want to keep on top of your previously detailed vehicles appearance or are just looking for the best for your vehicle, our valeting service is what you need. Providing a thorough clean inside and out, you simply cannot compare this to the service normally received at a hand car wash where bad washing practices guarantee you’re paintwork will be affected by swirl marks and light scratching.

Interior Valet

From deep leather cleansing and treatment, to plastic and vinyl treatment, we can bring your interior finish back to life. Having your interior valeted can bring back enjoyment to your daily driving.

Optional Engine Bay Valet

Engine bay cleaning is essential to finish off your complete vehicle valet. Finished off with a dressing to make it sparkle, you won’t be disappointed if you ever want to show off under the bonnet!

Valeting Pricing

M.A.D Full Vehicle Valet

£ 80
  • Wash - Pre Wash, Snow Foam, followed by 3 Bucket Wash & Iron + Tar Removal
  • Wheels - Alloy Faces & Inner Wheel Cleaned, Calipers Cleaned & Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior - Door Shuts, Wheel Arches, Glass Cleaned
  • Full Body Treatment of G Techniq Liquid Crystal Spray
  • Interior - Vacuum, Seats Cleaned, Glass Cleaned, Plastics Cleaned & Dressed, Steering Wheel & Controls Decontaminated, Boot Hoovered & Cleaned

Engine Valet +£25

*Prices vary based on size and condition of the vehicle

Call now to transform, protect and add value to your vehicle!

valeting/Detailing for Businesses

To find out about how our valeting and detailing services can help your business, get in touch today. We offer special pricing, packages and dealer specific valet and detailing services.