Exterior Wash Bundle Kit


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Give your car exterior the divine treatment with this wash perfection bundle. Included is the minimum of everything you need to take your car through the pre-wash, wash, and protection stages. Rejuvenate your wheels with our alloy wheel cleaner, remove any stubborn bits of dirt and grime with our Hades all-purpose cleaner pre-wash and wash away all that film and debris with the Proteus pure shampoo. Also included are our microfibre wash mitt, 20L wash bucket, and drying towel to ensure you have everything you need for each stage of the process. Finally, the Speed Shine Quick detailer gives your paintwork a hydrophobic layer as that finishing touch to keep your car protected.

Included –

Wash Bucket, 40×40 Drying Towel, Wash Mitt, Wheel Perfection, Pure Shampoo, Almighty Power, Speed Shine

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