Clay Bar Kit


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Morpheus, the God of Dreams

Morpheus Clay Bar Kit bestows your vehicle with a smooth glass bodywork that is blessed by the Gods. Claying is often overlooked by the average car owner, but to those who have discovered the effectiveness and Godlike appearance that follows, Claying becomes an essential part of every detailer’s cleaning process.

The specially blended lubricant and Clay Bar materials within Morpheus, enables the user to remove inconspicuous surface contaminants whilst leaving your vehicle’s bodywork sensationally smooth and clean, like something out of a dream. It is recommended to use the Clay Bar twice a year to remove stubborn contaminants that get stuck in the paintwork whilst also maintaining that off the line finish.

It’s suitable for all paintwork and most smooth, hard surfaces, including exterior glass and alloy wheels. It is not suitable for use on clear plastics such as headlight lenses as fogging may be caused.

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