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The Benefits of PPF on New Vehicles

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Proactive Protection = Peace of Mind

Just rolled off the lot, gleaming from head to taillight, your brand new car embodies both joy and a silent plea: “Please stay perfect.” But let’s face it, the road holds an arsenal of threats – flying rocks, rogue shopping carts, even overzealous bird droppings – all eager to chip, scratch, and mar your paintwork.

Fear not, car enthusiasts! Paint protection film (PPF) is the ideal solution to shield your investment and preserve that showroom shine for years to come. PPF acts as an invisible shield providing armour that deflects everyday hazards, keeping your new car looking pristine while adding value down the line. So, there’s a great argument for having your paint protection film installed before your new vehicle gets delivered to you! Taking away the temptation to fall into the typical scenario of you thinking “It will be alright to use it a couple of times before i sort that! Nothings going to happen!” You can bet that those first couple of drives, is when everything will happen! Like the universe punishing you! So why take the risk, if paint protection film is something you want for your vehicle in the long run, protect it from the very first time it hits the road.

Our Experience

As car fanatics ourselves, we fully understand the excitement of a brand new car and also the desire to keep it looking pristine. That’s why we’ve made taking care of your new paint job as seamless as possible. Many of our satisfied customers have their vehicles delivered directly to our workshop, saving them valuable time and ensuring their beloved car receives expert PPF installation right from the start. We can take delivery straight from the dealership to guarantee a smooth transition and ensure your new car arrives to you already shielded with our premium PPF protection. So, sit back, relax, and let MAD Automotives take care of the rest, giving you peace of mind knowing your new investment is in the best hands.

Imagine tackling long road trips with confidence, knowing your paint is safe from highway debris. Picture shrugging off minor parking lot mishaps with a smile, thanks to PPF’s self-healing properties. Even harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants become non-issues, ensuring your car’s vibrant colour stays true for years. PPF, it’s not just protection, it’s peace of mind for every passionate driver.

Why Install PPF? Long term cost savings

Repair Costs

Choosing between paint protection film (PPF) and relying solely on paint repairs might seem like a one-time upfront expense versus smaller, future costs. However, a closer look reveals a potential for significant long-term savings with PPF, especially for:

Frequent Drivers: Cars exposed to daily driving face a constant barrage of threats: road debris, car washes, parking lot dings, and more. While individual repairs might seem small, they accumulate quickly, impacting your car’s appearance and resale value. PPF acts as a barrier, potentially saving you from numerous small repairs over time.

Harsh Environments: Living in areas with extreme weather, heavy snowfall, or coastal salt air exposes your paint to accelerated wear and tear. PPF protects against UV rays, fading, and corrosion, reducing the need for expensive repainting jobs down the line.

Comparative Analysis:

Consider a full-front PPF installation costing $2,500 for your new car. Compare this to:

  • Average cost per minor paint repair: £100 – £180
  • Estimated number of repairs over 5 years (frequent driver): 5-10
  • Total repair cost over 5 years: £500 – £2,000

While PPF represents an initial investment, it can prevent numerous repairs, translating to significant savings over time, especially for frequent drivers or in harsh environments. Additionally, PPF preserves the original paint, potentially boosting your car’s resale value compared to a vehicle with numerous repaired paint chips.

Resale Value

In addition to the above, when trading in or selling your car, first impressions matter. And let’s face it, nothing grabs attention like a flawless paint job. That’s where Paint Protection Film (PPF) shines, literally and figuratively, by potentially boosting your car’s resale value in several ways:

Preserved Pristine Condition: PPF acts as an invisible shield, deflecting scratches, chips, and swirls that naturally accumulate over time. This keeps your car looking newer and more cared for, instantly appealing to potential buyers who value a well-maintained vehicle.

Reduced Need for Repairs: Say goodbye to unsightly touch-ups and repainted panels. PPF takes the brunt of the damage, leaving the original paint untouched and immaculate. This eliminates the potential red flags associated with paint repairs, which can raise questions about accident history and decrease perceived value.

Enhanced Curb Appeal: A car with a glossy, scratch-free finish naturally stands out from the crowd. PPF not only preserves the paint’s original color and shine but can even offer self-healing properties for minor blemishes, ensuring your car looks showroom-ready for years to come. This increased visual appeal translates to greater desirability and potentially higher asking prices.

Confidence for Buyers: Let’s be honest, buying a used car can involve an element of trust. PPF instills confidence in potential buyers by demonstrating proactive care and protection. They know they’re getting a car with superior paint protection, potentially saving them future repair costs and hassle. This translates to smoother negotiations and potentially higher offers.

All of this is even more relevant if your vehicle is a high value vehicle or desirable model, where resale values can be even more impacted by the condition of the vehicle. Having Paint protection film installed, can either be a selling point and asset to the new owner if left in place. Or alternatively it could be removed to reveal an immaculate factory paint finish, so they feel just like you did when you bought the vehicle brand new!