Valeting & Detailing Services

Whether your car or truck is daily driven and you are just wanting to keep your paintwork in optimum condition to protect against harsh weather and road conditions, or a cherished classic or supercar, let the MAD Automotives valeting and detailing experts take care of your vehicle.

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Valeting services

Full Valet Wash

If you want to keep on top of your previously detailed vehicles appearance or are just looking for the best wash for your vehicle, our valet wash is what you need. Providing a thorough clean inside and out, it’s so much more than your usual car wash service!

Interior Valet

From deep leather cleansing and treatment, to plastic and vinyl treatment, we can bring your interior finish back to life. Having your interior valeted can bring back enjoyment to your daily driving.

Engine Bay Valet

Engine bay cleaning is essential to finish off your complete vehicle valet. Finished off with a dressing to make it sparkle, you won’t be disappointed if you ever want to show off under the bonnet!

Detailing services

New Car Preparation

Unfortunately, new cars aren’t always delivered with the care they deserve. Maltreatment from delivery services or careless dealers can leave you a vehicle in sub optimal condition. We can help return your vehicle to the condition it should be delivered in, as well as providing it with protection to give it the best chance of maintaining that like new finish!

Enhancement Detail

Careless or rushed cleaning of your vehicle can impact your paints surface and appearance, only getting worse over time. We can carry out full detailing services for your paintwork or PPF protected vehicle from scratch and swirl removal to applying the latest Nano or Graphine coatings. Your cherished vehicle is in safe hands with our team.

Detailing Pricing

Valet Packages

M.A.D Full Valet

£ 150
  • Wash - Pre Wash, Snow Foam, followed by 3 Bucket Wash & Iron + Tar Removal
  • Wheels - Alloy Faces & Inner Wheel Cleaned, Calipers Cleaned & Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior - Door Shuts, Wheel Arches, Glass Cleaned
  • Full Body Treatment of G Techniq Liquid Crystal Spray
  • Interior - Vacuum, Seats Cleaned, Glass Cleaned, Plastics Cleaned & Dressed, Steering Wheel & Controls Decontaminated, Boot Hoovered & Cleaned

Engine Valet +£25

Detailing Packages

Stage 1

£ 200
  • Ultimate Valet (Full Valet package + Engine clean)
  • Refined machine polishing to all paint surfaces removing as many minor swirls as possible

Stage 2

£ 250
  • Ultimate Valet (Full Valet package + Engine clean)
  • Single stage of cutting compound removing as many scratches and swirls as possible Paintwork refined and polished

Stage 3

£ 450
  • Ultimate Valet + Full stage 2
  • G techniq Ceramic coating paint protection or Gtechniq halo for wrapped vehicles which will protect your paintwork for up to 5 years

*Prices vary based on size and condition of the vehicle

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valeting/Detailing for Businesses

To find out about how our valeting and detailing services can help your business, get in touch today. We offer special pricing, packages and dealer specific valet and detailing services.